Chairs, Bar Stools, Table, Bases, Booths

We have a respectful and professional team that aims to help, collaborate, and work with every customer. Deciding a certain color scheme, what type of furniture can be stressful. We want to help ease the process as much as we can. Listening to every customer is a major factor that we strive on.

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Chairs, Bar Stools, Table, Bases, Booths


Everyday at Vitro Seating Products we are learning new fads, finding out new fabric designs, color swatches, restaurant layouts, light fixtures, etc… We want to make sure we are up to speed in today’s ever changing market. Along with keeping our famous retro furniture up to standards.

Brad Ross

Division Manager, Smallwares & Furniture

Office: (770) 205 – 6869

Cell: (770) 714 – 6372


Premier is a team of people, dedicated to representing our manufacturers to the food service equipment community through integrity and professionalism.

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